About Us

Harmony and Levi have been brewing for ten years together. Their passions and thirst for adventure has taken them on many stops around the world — New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Israel and Italy — but their dream of opening a brewery together brought them to Long Beach, Levi’s hometown, in 2017.


Brewmaster, Chief
Scientist and Co-owner

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Levi earned a PhD and medical degree before his exbeeriments became a full-time job. His extensive studies in biochemistry and microbiology empower him to apply science and analytics to the brewing and fermentation process. After spending years in medical research labs, he decided to make a change and pursue something much more rewarding and refreshing — craft beer. Working alongside Harmony on a business that they ultimately control and own is a blessing and tremendous source of pride for Levi. Come to the lab and enjoy a pint with him, he’ll tell you everything you could ever want to know about the beer you’re drinking and how he achieves funk with barrel character.

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Chef and Co-owner

Harmony is a classically trained French pastry chef who has worked in some of the finest kitchens in the world. She has a deep understanding of doughs and natural fermentation, and brings a special flare to her vegetarian and vegan creations. Growing up baking and spending time in the kitchen cooking with her parents and grandparents had a profound impact on her. Her training at the Ritz Carlton and indispensable experience working in Italy and the Mediterranean allows her to maintain high quality in a welcoming atmosphere. Food has a powerful, equalizing way of bringing people together and Harmony is honored to carry that tradition on by showcasing her talents and well-developed palate.