Fascinating Fermentation

Almost everything that comes out the kitchen at the Long Beach Beer Lab is made from scratch. It’s not on the menu unless we make it. We are a vegetarian establishment and committed to sourcing wholesome, local ingredients with a kosher certification whenever possible.

We put love and meticulous dedication into our artisan breads, pizzas and other tasty delights. You won’t find any overly processed fake meat or ingredients you can’t pronounce on our menu. We prefer to showcase locally sourced, seasonal produce because our palates demand it and our customers deserve the absolute best.

The wild microflora starter used in all of our sourdough breads was harvested off fruit growing in Levi’s childhood home right here in Long Beach. We always use high protein flour of impeccable quality, and mill all of the specialty grains in house.

We’re also proud to be known for our unique ability to use our bread in our beer and, likewise, our beer in our bread. It’s a clear differentiation between us and other breweries that makes our products incredibly rare. Not only are the beer and bread married at the Long Beach Beer Lab, so are the people who make it.

We stick to principles that matter most for us to create transformative tastes. For us that means, our food is vegetarian, local, seasonal, conscious and wholesome. Give us a try, we are confident you’ll taste the difference.