A study in fermentation using yeasts and bacteria; both wild and domestic.

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  • LB 4 LB 2.0

Our collaboration with Laguna Beach Beer Company. An unfiltered IPA with great hop aroma and flavor. Bitterness is present but not overpowering with a healthy dose of Citra, Mosiac and Idaho 7. This IPA packs a punch of pine resin with citrus notes. This delight operates at 7.4% abv to round out the whole picture. Enjoy!

  • Rustic Wit

Classic Belgian Wit Bier with a touch of farmhouse makes this doughy rustic beverage a summer treat.

  • Chocolatey

Chocolatey, rich, smooth dry stout is perfectly balanced for your glass.


  • Milk the Mustache 

Our flagship tart farmhouse. 100% oak barrel (wine) fermented with our mixed farmhouse culture. Bright citrus and stone fruit notes with signature rustic farmhouse base. Crisp and delicious.

  • There She Gose

Calamansi Lime Gose with Himalayan salt. A summer beach day in a glass.

  • Sour Mama - Exbeeriment series

Berlinerweiss style sour ale with local blueberries and grapes. Fermented with our sourdough mother culture in a port wine barrel this beer is effervescent and full of fruit with a touch of funk. Tartness is the middle of the road.




  • Ginger Bier

Doctor Gingy Beard's Fixer Elixer. A Ginger Beer blended with a pleasantly hopped Belgian farmhouse ale and a touch of cayenne pepper.

  • Cold Brewed Coffee

House blend coffee on NITRO. THIS IS NOT BEER!




Here at the Long Beach Beer lab we are fascinated with fermentation, which is the primary element of both beer and bread production. Not only do these two products pair well together with aromas and flavors that will awaken your appetite, they use similar ingredients. Our experiments with sharing yeasts and cultures, as well as grain, and malts will be sure to evoke your patronage and amuse your palate.  
Our Sourdough is made with 100% wild yeast, which are harvested from local fruits. The characteristic, taste and flavor this imparts in our bread is unique to the southern California terroir.
We have partnered with Long Beach Farms to bring in seasonal organic produce and Central Milling for our high quality organic flours and grains. We mill our own Rye, and Spelt as well as specialty grains and malts.