Long Beach Beer Lab
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In the heart of the Wrigley neighborhood, along the Willow corridor, you will find the Long Beach Beer Lab. A small manufacturing brewery dedicated to fermentation forward beverages. With our passion, hard work and methodical attention to detail we take pride in creating the highest quality ales, sours and tonics. Discover an experience of experimentation in a curious science of suds.

Beer isn’t the only subject we focus on. Alongside our beverage manufacturing we have a small production sourdough bakery. Using wild microflora harvested from local fruits and incorporating malt grains from the brewhouse. Our inquisitive nature allows us to push our cultures to the limits. With concentration on flavor and quality we hope you will enjoy the pairing of our naturally fermented beverages and breads. 



BrewMaster and Chief Scientist Dr. Levi Fried left a Medical Research Lab to start pursuing his greatest discovery...the Beer Lab. His background in Biochemistry and Microbiology allows him to apply science and analytics to the brewing and fermentation processes. After years of medical research and brewing Levi is excited to share his exbeeriments with our patrons. 

Head Baker Harmony Sage is a classically trained French Pastry Chef who has worked in the finest pastry kitchens in the world. Her training at the Ritz Carlton permits her to maintain high quality in a volume atmosphere. Influenced by the seasonality and local abundance of produce while working in Italy and the Mediterranean, she brings a flare to her vegetarian and vegan creations. Harmony has a deep understanding of doughs and natural fermentation that can be seen in the flavors and quality of the product.